How to install Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel to your Web and integrate it with Google Analytics 4

Modern Analytics Stack

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Google Tag Manger and Google Analytics…

My quick-start guide of running dbt models on Airflow with some tips and tricks

Schedule dbt models on Airflow

My quick post on my debugging method

Schedule dbt models on Airflow

Table of Contents

  1. Debugging
  2. Common errors
    2.1 Python
    2.2 Semantic
    - The long way
    - The hacky solution
  3. Airflow CLI


How to deploy live & preview channels via GitHub pull requests

The Beginner Guide to GitHub Actions and Firebase Hosting

Table of Contents

A quick simple guide to deploy your static website to Firebase

Firebase Hosting

What is Firebase Hosting?

Why Firebase Hosting?

Use case

Installation and Data pre-processing

Getting started with data build tool (dbt) on Google BigQuery

Table of Contents

1) Set up DBT



What is the power of DBT?

Table of Contents

What is DBT?

Whether you want to have a quick guide on what is Google Shopping ads or look for a quick study exam guide before taking Google’s assessment, here you go. Below is my summary of 7 key points that will help you ace the exam like a boss and get certified as you wish.

Google Shopping ads campaign

Google Shopping Ads is one of them.

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